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Preface: A brief introduction         

        My name is Ma Xi (Chinese name), I am 31 years old, my home city Taiyuan, Shanxi Province of China Ruspubliki. My name is Masha (Russian name), I am 13 years old, my homeland, St. Peteruburg of the Russian Federation.     
        Do not be afraid in my body, there is only one single heart, my heart is still beating. From 1981 to 1999, I lived in China. From 1999 to 2011, I lived in the Russian Federation.       

        Please note that I am not Islam. I love to eat pork. If you are not completely in love to eat pork, then please do not bother me. You do not love me, please forgive me, you.

I am looking for a job in Singapore:
Home Chef Kitchen Traditional Chinese (slightly Russian Cuisine).

My great claim to an employer in Sigapure:     

    1. Comfortable and convenient place of work (detailed requirement: vast expanses of the workplace, water, gas, electricity, working desk, aprons whole body with a large hat size, a variety of pots and pans, all kinds of knives, all kinds of boards for vegetables, all kinds of boards for meats, all kinds of boards for vegetables, different spices, refrigerator, freezer, pots, Range hood with brand Sakura, all kinds of spoons and blades, all types of plates and bowls of different sizes, all kinds of cups and cups of different sizes, all types of chopsticks, rubber shoes size 41, all kinds of gloves, all kinds of tools for the kitchen, kettle, cups, etc.)   

    2. Free nights in Singapore (for a detailed requirement: one bedroom apartment, a large wooden bed, a pillow, blanket, pillow cases, duvet cover, bedding, kitchen, toilet, bath, sauna, bath, shower, automatic washing machine, clothes hangers, dry place clothing, free television, free computer, free internet, free phone, free cell phone, free water, free gas, free electricity, free toilet paper, sanitary napkin free, free trash bag, wardrobe, mirror, curtains, kettle, cups, plates, chopsticks, all kinds of tools for the kitchen, etc.)   

    3. Free food in Singapore (for a detailed requirement: free provision of meat, free software ovischi, providing free fruit, free supply of fish, dairy products free software, free software morozhnoe, providing free cake, free provision of juice, egg free software, free software seasoning and tea, free supply of chocolates, free supply of oil, salt free software, free software of sugar, sugar free ice software, free software of traditional Chinese food, free of all kinds of food in the kitchen, etc.)   

    4. Free bike (detailed requirement: the relevant components for repair of the bicycle, the wizard for the repair of the bike, the right to drive this bike on the road within Singapore, the method for the storage of the bike in my free accommodation, etc.)   

    5. Working day from Monday to Friday. Day off: Saturday and Sunday.   

    6. 13 monthly salary in one year.   

    7. Payment of the ticket from China to work in Singapore, at the expense of the employer. Payment for tickets from Singapore back to China at the expense of the employer. All the cost of transport (going to work in Singapore) in China, due to employer. All the cost of transport (going to work in Singapore) in Singapore, due to employer.   

    8. Monthly Salary: 50,000 RMB (50,000 RMB, about 250 000 rubles).   

    9. My contact:       
        E-mail: ma-si@yandex.ru       
        Skype: sunrise_rosesun

Introduction: Several traditional Chinese home cooking, all handmade.     

    1. The traditional homeland of my noodles, Shanxi Province People's Republic of China. In accordance with our Chinese traditions and customs: when thou shalt go home, you have already prepared the noodles, the noodles that you eat, then it means that you are completely safe.   

    2. Traditional dumplings of our country's Republic of China. In accordance with our Chinese traditions and customs: when thou shalt go home, you have already prepared ravioli, tortellini eat it, then it means that you are completely safe.   

    3. Braised Pork Belly (salty, sweet, slightly sharp): traditional food of Hunan Province, where the birthplace of Mao's Great (First President of the People's Republic of China). They say the historians, when there was a famine in China from 1959 to 1961, stewed pork ribs was the only very good meal at the Great Mao. Great Mao wept and said: "This food is a luxury for me too, still have a lot of people have no food and no water."   

    4. The traditional bread (Chinese name: Mantou, "Man" in Chinese: a cunning, "tou" in Chinese: the head is made from flour and water, hand-made). In accordance with our Chinese traditions and customs: the people in southern China more smarter than the people in northern China, southern people call Nanmantsy (nan: south, Man: cunning, particle: a person).   

    5. Traditional bun (Chinese name: Baotsy, made from flour, water, meat, vegetables, handicrafts). Her story began with that time when there was a state "Three Kingdoms" (from 220 to 280 by the year, some historians say a 184 years, from 190 years to 208 years).   

    6. Fried dried red chili peppers with salt: food triditsionnaya Gueydzhou province. Historians govryat Chairman of the USSR, Stalin, and secretly sent a Russian diplomat to China to talk to Velikogom Mao in China before the formation of a new state of the People's Republic. Russian diplomat revealed Russia's traditional advantage of the great Mao, drink several large glasses of vodka. Russian diplomat asks Mao's Great to drink water as he drank. Great Mao, he is a man who is very careful not to drink vodka, because all of his ohraniki know. Cook brings a plate of food, it was "Fried dry red pepper with salt." Great Mao did this Russian diplomat did not say he took a few dry roasted red peppers in his mouth and began to eat, the Great Mao smiles and says this Russian diplomat: let's try this delicious food. Russian diplomat sproshivaet Great Mao: What is it? As he had never seen such a thing in my life. Russian diplomat took a few dry roasted red peppers in his mouth, as the Great Mao did recently. The mouth of a Russian diplomat is not getting used because the taste of pepper, he could not say anything, quickly raised his thumb and decided to shake hands with the Great Mao. When the Russian diplomat has returned to the USSR, slice a few days later, Stalin, chairman of the Soviet Union itself came to China, met with the Great Mao. Stalin, chairman of the Soviet Union, he decided to be friends with the Great Mao. This secret history, know only a few ohraniki and diplomats of the Great Chairman Mao and Stalin's Soviet Union. What did you talk about what they have agreed to such people as we can not know.   

    7. Delicious hot and cold pork   

    8. Tasty hot and cold chicken   

    9. Tasty hot and cold beef   

    10. Delicious hot and cold fish   

    11. Delicious hot and cold salad   

    12. Delicious hot and cold vegetables   

    13. Delicious hot and cold soup   

    14. Delicious hot and cold desserts   

    15. Delicious hot and cold tea   



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