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Автор Тема: Russia Singapore Business Forum - 9 -11 September 2014  (Прочитано 5120 раз)

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Russia Singapore Business Forum - 9 -11 September 2014


Личный комментарий: Первый раз с момента основания в 2006г., Российско-Сингапурский Деловой Форум будет организован не Майклом Теем, а IE Singapore

RSBF Day 0 – 9 September 2014, Tuesday

0930 onwards


One-to-One Business Matching Sessions

Site Visits

Singapore, with a land area of only 720 square kilometres and limited natural resources, is currently home to 5.3 million people. Despite its physical constraints, the city-state has established an efficient and affordable public transport system, a reliable and sustainable water supply for residents and industry, and an efficient system for the proper disposal and treatment of waste. As a result, Singapore has been recognised as one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world.

RSBF participants are invited to visit the Singapore agencies and companies that actively contribute to the Singapore government’s ongoing effort to achieve a high quality of life for its citizens. Through these site visits, participants can share perspectives, experiences and ideas on sustainable and innovative urban solutions to address the common challenges that all cities face.

Land Transport Gallery
URA Gallery
Jurong Island
NEWater Plant or Desalination Plant
Waste-to-Energy Plant

RSBF Day 1 – 10 September 2014, Wednesday

Russia-Singapore Business Forum 2014

Conference Registration cum Networking Lunch

Welcome Address
Mr TEO Eng Cheong
Chief Executive Officer, International Enterprise Singapore

Opening Address
Russian Strategic Partners

Session 1
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance of the Republic of Singapore

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Russia is a significant market and has the potential to be a rewarding investment location. In recent years, there have been rapid developments in trade and economic links between Russia and Singapore. Both countries have deepened bilateral ties with the promotion of international trade, investment and joint development of both hard and soft infrastructure.

However, geopolitical tensions currently faced by Russia have increased the perception of risk and the level of anxiety amongst foreign businesses. This session will address challenges faced by the Russian economy and opportunities within this new business environment.

What is the outlook for the Russian economy? What are the new engines of growth and investment opportunities amid the new economic landscape?
What is Russia’s new vision for doing business with the world to attract more foreign capital?
What areas of change in business environment will make an immediate difference?
What role can Singapore play in this?

Networking Tea Break
Private tea reception hosted by DPM Tharman for selected Russian businessmen

Session 2
Behind some of the world’s best companies, big or small, are entrepreneurs who can pioneer new industries, disrupt others, design superior products and services, and bring them to market faster and at lower cost. Today, Russia boasts a healthy pool of global entrepreneurs who are making their mark both at home and internationally. This new generation of Russian entrepreneurs are known for their pragmatism, sharp instinct and ability to move with speed and agility. This will be a rare chance to hear in person their perspectives and insights into the running of their global businesses.

This session will discuss:
What do Russian entrepreneurs do differently?
How can one learn to recover from setbacks and understand that success and failure are not polar opposites but two sides of the same coin?
How do they “think out of the box” and find creative solutions to navigate Russia's labyrinthine business landscape?
What are the important lessons that can be gleaned from their experiences in cross border partnerships?

Session 3

In May 2014, China and Russia announced a US$400 billion, 30-year natural gas deal – the biggest single trade agreement in history. With this deal, Russia has signalled a major and sharp pivot of its economic and strategic focus to Asia, as the EU seeks to diversify away from its dependence on Russia. This will have substantial long term implications for Singapore as a major regional trade hub, as Russia increases its efforts to develop the economy of its eastern territories and integrate more deeply into the Asian economies.

This session will discuss:
How are Russian commodity players affected by potential shocks and disruptive demand from their traditional markets stemming from geopolitical risks?
What is the value Singapore can offer as a business hub to Russian resource companies seeking to tap Asian markets?
What are some of the potential challenges faced as Russia integrates more deeply with Asian economies?

Closing Remarks

RSBF 2014 Business Networking Cocktail

RSBF Day 2 – 11 September 2014, Thursday

0930 onwards
One-to-One Business Matching Sessions


Business Opportunities in Russian Regions
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Russia Singapore Business Forum - 9 -11 September 2014
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Уважаемый темасек, немного оффтоп - где можно найти офиц. фото с прошлого форума?

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Russia Singapore Business Forum - 9 -11 September 2014
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Оффлайн Nemestnaya

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Russia Singapore Business Forum - 9 -11 September 2014
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Да, только там 2013 го нет(

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Russia Singapore Business Forum - 9 -11 September 2014
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Nemestnaya, тогда уже вопрос к организаторам, можете написать им имеил напрямую.

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